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After reading a post by azurelunatic on how she uses Delicious, I figured that writing such a post myself would be a good idea because despite the five-digit number in the Total Bookmarks section, very few people realize what they’re getting into when they start following me. I double the number of bookmarks in networks. I bookmark like no one’s watching.

I bookmark anything and everything I find interesting and think I may want to find in the future, whether to show a friend, look for patterns, or say, “Didn’t I see that? Let me check Delicious.” This can range to the funny to the current to the geeky to the sad to the fascinating. Anything is fair game, and since my interests are wide, so are my tags. Here are my top ten tags. Spots nine, ten, and eleven have been shuffling over the last few months, so it’s a close race to the top ten, but the winner is clear.

* funny: 1457 (things I find to be funny)
* bbc: 870 (things I find on BBC)
* wtf: 838 (things that elicit a WTF? reaction)
* cnn: 788 (things I read on CNN. When did I become a news junkie?)
* howto: 680 (how to do things. Usually doesn’t include recipes.)
* lj: 607 (things found on LiveJournal and things concerning LJ.)
* politics: 520 (politics of my own country and worldwide)
* food: 503 (mmmm, food)
* internet: 460 (things involving the Internet, often used when few other tags apply)
* music: 436 (Self-explanatory)

The next two tags and the ones fighting to be in the top ten happen to be “awesome” with 428 items for things I find awesome and “socialmedia” with 424 items. I try to reserve this tag for items that don’t talk about a specific site, though I’ve been a bit slapdash about the tag lately. Surprisingly writing has a mere 303 tags. Not every tag can take 1% of my bookmarks, writing. Sometimes I just need a good laugh.

Now back to bookmarking. On a slow Internet day or on a day with limited Web time, my bookmark count may be in the single digits. Don’t worry; I make up for it on most days. Today was one of those slow days thanks to being out for a good chunk of the day, and I’ve already bookmarked 16 items. The fast days are the majority of days, where I may bookmark twenty or thirty or even more items, so expect to be flooded if you’re watching Delicious while I’m online. What I actually bookmark is nowhere near the volume of what I actually consume online. Take that as what you will. If I bookmarked everything I consumed, I would have no time to do anything else, especially if a proper tag system existed.

That tag system will be the death of me one day. It started out as a mess, and it’ll end a mess unless I clean it up. Why? I just started tagging stuff, not realizing my account would get as big and unwieldy as it did, and back in 2007 I never realized that tagging by website would be a good idea. (It is for the bigger sites, if you’re wondering.) Same for the lesser-used tags. They just came up over time, and now I can’t find some of the things I bookmarked earlier.

One day, I tell myself. One day. You won’t be able to access the old stuff except through tags, anyway, so I do have that motivation to start organizing before the “funny” tag reaches 4000 tags. I have, what, 30000 more bookmarks to go? Sounds about right.

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