Why Delicious?

Yesterday I talked about my usage of Delicious. So the real question remains: Why? Can’t I just search for what I need later? Why bookmark something I may not read again?

Lots of reasons, actually.

1. I have a personal archive of what interested me when. Yes, a blog serves this purpose as well, and I used to post linkspams on a semiregular basis, but my Delicious lets me consolidate and search for topics. I can also look back and detect any trends. Did those rumors come true? Was I an early adopter? The dates on the bookmarks reveal all.

2. I have an automatic page of links to share with others who are interested in, say, funny math-related things. I actually used this page often when sending emails so the recipients could have a bit of mathy fun along with the relevant information.

3. You never know when you’ll need something again, and this version doesn’t take up any space in my house. That’s a good thing, right?

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