Lady Gaga parodies

Sunday is a lazy day, so today’s going to be a lazy Youtube Sunday. Specifically, Lady Gaga Parodies That Are Better Than The Originals Lazy Youtube Sunday. Why that specific? Because I can and because there are a ton of videos that fit that theme. Here are a few that I like.

For the unenlightened, “Neutra Face” is a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and is about fonts, not poker faces. The original song would be much cooler if it were actually about poker. Here’s the original video if you hate embeds or want to bookmark it.

This parody tickles my not-so-inner geek. Not all mathematicians work in labs, but I’d be up for a lab romance, no matter the lab. Just make sure to dispose of the biohazards safely. Link to the original.

If anyone can make Lady Gaga good, it’s a bunch of librarians. Librarians are the unsung superheroes, always there to help you when you need to research your paper the day before it’s due. Link to original.

Lady Gaga’s from outer space? I can get behind that. Link to original.
This one’s for the old-school gamers, particularly of the Nintendo type. I still have (and play!) an original GameBoy, so I feel some of the sentiments in the song, particularly with keeping track of only 150 Pokemon instead of 500. Yes, I admit it. It’s also stuck in my head now. Link to original.

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