The Old Spice guy is the new Chuck Norris

You’ve seen the new Old Spice commercial, right?

Wait, you haven’t? Come on, I don’t even watch TV and I’ve seen it several times. Oh, all right. Here it is.

(Link to video)

This commercial has been on Youtube just over two weeks and has already gathered 5.5 million views. The Old Spice channel was the most viewed channel today, more than Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. In the sponsored category, it’s sitting at number three for most all-time channel views but slowly gaining on Sony Pictures. Twilight’s official channel is number one and is far ahead. That record won’t be beaten for awhile.

Why, though? Thank the advertising geniuses behind Old Spice and the wonder that is Isaiah Mustafa, who will be known forevermore as the Old Spice guy if he doesn’t get another breakthrough role. They’ve been taking questions and comments from the Internet and making response videos with Isaiah in the bathroom. The result: hilarity and an advertisement that people can connect to.

Oh, and an Old Spice voice mail that you can use for your phone. There’s also a video with a version for the ladies.

On to the videos! Here are a few of my favorites.

He took on Anonymous. He has no fear. Link.

His first reply to Alyssa Milano. He makes several others. Link.

Isaiah Mustafa asks himself a question. (Link.)

The Old Spice guy vs. a ninja and a pirate. Link.

On eating Pegasus. Link.

His video to Demi Moore. A pinata is involved. Link.

And finally…

A marriage proposal via the Old Spice guy. She said yes, if you’re wondering. Link.

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