Review: The Delicious addon

I installed the Delicious toolbar for Iceweasel (the Debian rebranding of Firefox) yesterday. First impression: Wow. Why didn’t I install this sooner?

The installation is just like the installation of every other add-on. You install and restart, and upon restarting, the new add-on is ready to go. Excellent. The three new buttons that got added to the navigation bar made the address bar smaller, but that was fixable. I could remove the toolbar. Those were fixable.

Then I noticed something that made me laugh. Delicious was really trying to sync all 12,000+ of my bookmarks with the browser, not what I wanted. I started using Delicious to reduce my dependence on browser-based bookmarks! This setting can also be adjusted, so I switched back to classic mode, restarted my browser (again), and entered a world where ctrl-d saves a bookmark. I may change my mind later, especially since searching in the sidebar looks useful. You can sort by oldest first! That’s really valuable, especially given how long I’ve been bookmarking there. There are a lot of lost gems in the archive (and a lot of lost gems that need to be retagged).

Now to read and save the half-dozen links I just opened.

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