ATMs in Antarctica

Today I learned that there are ATMs in Antarctica. Not one, but two. Granted, only one ATM is functioning at any given time, but this makes me wonder why people need money there to start with. I can understand the need to check one’s balance, but if you’re doing research down there and need to buy something online, you probably have a computer and won’t need to walk to the ATM.

Actually, the better question is what the people in the great white south used as money before the ATMs arrived. Checks? I owe you one? Snow? Favors, both innocent and not so innocent? The world may never know. Apparently the ATM doles out only one currency, and that currency is likely US currency, giving the Americans a subtle dominion over the land several countries have tried to claim. How many other countries will be silly enough to bring down the ATMs?

I cannot make this stuff up.

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