Apple releases battery charger

Apple released some new products today, including new(er) iMacs with better processors, the long-awaited magic trackpad, and a battery charger. Wait, a battery charger? Apple, the company that touts itself on innovation, releases an innovative battery charger? I have a pretty nifty battery charger that came with four batteries that cost a good bit less than the thirty bucks this one costs. Sure, you get six batteries instead of the four I have, but you can charge only two at a time with Apple’s charger! What’s up with that? I’ve run into plenty of times when I’ve needed to charge four batteries at once.

This doesn’t affect me in the slightest since the only Apple product I own is an iPod. But honestly, these batteries don’t even have apples on them (but you can draw one with a Sharpie). What kind of Apple product is this? Where is Steve’s stage and his black turtleneck, luring people to buy a battery charger with his magical powers? I demand it!

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