The meaning of a flying car’s name

I know I demand a flying car on a regular basis. After all, that’s one of the ultimate signs that we are, in fact, in The Future. Despite this, I find myself wondering what exactly a flying car would entail. Would it be like the cars in the movies that are like regular cars but flying in the air? The cars of today aren’t at all aerodynamic, so that’ll have to change before a real flying car came into existence.

Of course, one could just attach wings to a car and call it done. But what would you call the car then. An airplane that drives? Sure, all airplanes can be driven, even if that’s not their primary intent. That seems to be the debate with car with wings. It looks much more like a plane than a car, yet it’s called a flying car. It looks like a plane and flies like a plane. Does that means it’s a plane and not a flying car? Maybe it is a plane that drives. Until a car that looks like a car can fly, we’ll probably be having these discussions all over the place.

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