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I finally moved my music into Rhythmbox. You’re probably wondering what on earth is going on. After all, I’ve been using Linux for nearly nine months and I just mentioned iTunes in a post a few days ago. All of that is true, but on different computers. I’ve been using my laptop for music purposes out of laziness ever since installing Linux because not all of my music copied over from Windows to Linux and, well, I was too lazy to copy it over. This weekend I finally got around to doing that and finally got around to using Rhythmbox. There are still some quirks that I need to get used to (it doesn’t look like iTunes, for example, but I can get used to that easily). The plugin directory is great. I can manage my iPod with Rhythmbox and scrobble to without installing anything else (though I hear gtkPod is great for iPod purposes). I can even move music to my iPod without syncing everything, which will be a huge relief half the time and a headache the other half. The best part of all? Rhythmbox detects music in my music folder and adds it to my library automatically. This requires zero effort on my part after adding a song or album to my music folder. Compare that to iTunes where you have to add a song to the library manually after downloading a song.

I’ll take Rhythmbox, thanks.

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I would agree that Rhythmbox takes some getting used to. In a Linux environment, it is the only player I use. It’s light, simple and integrates well into the Gnome desktop. It took me a minute to live without the cover flow feature that was in iTunes, but the speed and ease of use makes up for it.

I too am a fan of Rhythmbox. Cover flow is just a matter of time, but it’s not a feature I’m really missing.

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