A trip through my old Delicious bookmarks

Let’s hop in the time machine and go through some of my really old Delicious links. I started using Delicious in May 2007 and imported my Firefox bookmarks. Delicious assigned a date to these bookmarks–17 September 2006 for most of them. You won’t be able to see these bookmarks in my account unless you click the right tags since you can go back only 400 pages, so let’s get started. I went through my links from 2006 and 2007 and picked the finest links for you.

Play Mancala online. This is the very last link in my archive, and it’s only appropriate that I include it. One of my best friends from high school introduced me to the game, and I am surprisingly bad at it. You play with six small bowls (or pits in a board) per player lined up two by two, one large collection pit at each end for each player, two players, and some pebbles. The objective is to collect as many of those pebbles in your bin as you can by scooping all the pebbles from a pit and dropping one pebble in each pit, going forward. If you reach the end, you drop a pebble in the collection pit. Let’s hope that was yours. If you still have pebbles, keep going around. If the last pebble lands in your collection pit, keep going. Whoever has the most pebbles at the end wins. This is one of those games that is best described in person.

How much is inside? A group of curious people find out how much goes into everything, from the air in a bag of Cheetos to the number of bacon bits in a pound of bacon. A guaranteed day-waster. Come to think of it, I haven’t finished reading this page yet.

Googlewhack: the search for a two-word query with exactly one result. Not zero, not two. One. Both words must be recognized as words by Google’s search. I’ve tried this for years but have yet to come across one.

All about the 404 page and a collection of interesting 404s.

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