Don’t bother listing your accomplishments. Just wash that vagina.

In a world where women are still getting paid less than men for comparable jobs and are fed double standard after double standard, we ladies should be stepping up and asking for more money when we feel we’ve worked to deserve it. Naturally the first step is to look over our accomplishments and figure out the way to make the most convincing case to the supervisor. Right?

Or you can wash your vagina.

That’s a real ad from a Woman’s Day magazine–a recent one, in fact. I checked my mother’s copy (which contains an article on things I already know about that she wants me to read) and found it.

Gotcha. Clean your vagina, then go over what’s really important. Because you can’t talk about important matters before making sure you’re fresh and clean. Who knows what men have to do beforehand. Wash their bits? Of course not. You’d never see an ad that says, “Hey guys, you’re going for that raise, aren’t you? Make sure to wash down there! (It’s important.)”

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