Just before the start

The 3-day novel starts in less than two hours. I still have no plot. None at all. I have just as many ideas as I did a week ago: the ABBA-loving character. But why does she love ABBA? What’s she like in her everyday life? What makes her tick? Who are the other people in her life? I know she has a roommate in an apartment, meaning she probably lives in a city or a college town, but what’s this roommate like? Are they close? Does this roommate like ABBA? Neutral? Hate them?

Whatever the case, I have at least two characters who can interact in some way. ABBA girl is reasonably social, so other characters will be introduced. Are she and her roommate best friends? I don’t think they hate each other. I want this novel to be a fun one to write. That makes the words flow faster.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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