Nine years ago

Nine years ago today a group of people hijacked airplanes and flew them into buildings because they believed their religion told them to. This began a new era of discrimination against people who practice that religion and those with origins in the area of the world associated with this religion.

I was a high school freshman at the time. I actually found out about it in my second class because of an oral exam in the second half of my French class. A couple of my friends in the class had been bickering over the past couple of days, and I managed to get dragged into it that day because the person who changed groups actually walked all the way across the room to ask me for help. My partner for the test (a known nemesis) and I were the last to present our scenario, and I was late for my second class because of it. Everyone was watching the TV when I showed up, and since I didn’t like staring at a TV even back then, I wrote while catching glimpses of the screen. I spent my second class of the day translating a note from a friend that was written in French and writing back, and at some point the impact of the attacks sank in. The rest of the day was spent writing and watching the news.

Nine years later, the details of the day are fuzzy. I had to read an old blog post to get most of the details of the day, but I still remembered the French note for some reason. The core memories are still there, though. Here’s what I said on the attacks in a blog post the day after the attacks.

There are always things that stick out to generations. For our parents, it was probably several things. Take your pick. Just depends on the generation gap. And for our grandparents. We (today’s teenagers) never had much of anything that sticks out.

Until now. This will impact some view of every individual’s life forever, even if you won’t admit it.

One of my predictions was finally right.

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