Making a career out of Starcraft

If you game, it’s probably just a hobby. You kick back, turn on your computer or Xbox or what-have-you, and you enjoy an evening of fun and games. But for some people the game is a lot more. Especially in South Korea where games like Starcraft have become a career. If only I were kidding. Okay, it’s from Cracked, so it’s not the most reliable source of information, but it has the essentials down: names of some of the big players, players who moved to Korea for a career in Starcraft playing, fun times in Starcraft.

So I started looking to other sources, namely Wikipedia. Again, not exactly a reliable source, but for a place that has articles on nearly every single Harry Potter character, surely it would have something on professional Starcraft playing. And sure enough, they do. In fact, there’s an entire category devoted to professional Starcraft players and a template. If that’s not devotion to documenting the world’s knowledge, I don’t know what is. Especially since some of these articles appear to be well-documented.

We know who’s documenting the world’s knowledge now. My fellow nerds…well, while they’re not playing Starcraft.

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I consider myself a VERY reliable source, thank you very much!,, and are three great SC sites.

I’ve been playing StarCraft since 1998, and now StarCraft 2 since it dropped roughly two months ago.

South Korea dominates the game. You have a couple players from the US, some from Chile, Germany and other random countries, but the majority of your dominate players come from South Korea. What football is in Texas, StarCraft is in South Korea. Personally, I think it’s awesome, but it makes for a frustrating gaming session when you consistently get pwned.

And yes, I am a huge nerd.

🙂 Found you on topic WoD from the Nano forum. I’ve lived in Korea for 6 years, just came back this May because I fell in love (different story), and yep, SC is a sport there. They have channels devoted to SC games, and I think it’s kind of awesome.

@FionaShin Hello, fellow Wrimo! I could get behind a nerdy sport. The real question is when the next world Starcraft tournament is and why it doesn’t get the same buzz as other sports.

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