NaNoWriMo Site Relaunch 2010: First Observations

The NaNoWriMo site relaunched today. Some highlights:

* One of my questions is on the forum description for the Reference Desk, the new Character and Plot Realism forum. It’s the one about knitting a sweater for a giraffe, and yes, people have already figured it out.
* The official NaNoWriMo Twitter account retweeted my tweet about Wikiwrimo. Cue lots of account creations in a very short period. I’m anticipating a lot of site traffic over the coming weeks. Luckily my webhost sounds ready for this; they actually have a mention in their FAQ about sites getting Slashdotted.
* I missed the first hour and a half of the site relaunch but have caught up quite hardily.
* The new site is fantastic. Dan and Jezra have put a lot of work into the new site, fixing a lot of bugs that I’ve noticed (and probably a few that I’ve reported). I haven’t poked around the entire site yet, but it’s already looking great.
* The new merchandise in the store looks wonderful, including a new pen, mug, and tote bag! I also hear via NaNo’s Twitter account that there’s more to come. Hooray!

Awesome? I vote yes.

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