I have no words

A house in Tennessee caught on fire, and the fire department watched it burn down. Why? Because the family didn’t pay the $75 fee for fire protection. According to the mayor, if they didn’t pay, they were out of luck, even after the homeowner offered to pay the firefighter to put out the fire.

This is sad and awful. The ones to blame is the person who decided such a fee was a good idea to start with. Even if we do want to blame the firefighters, they’re likely taking commands from the higher ups, so change would have to come from the top.

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If someone was in the house, would they have tried to save them? I thought the fire department was more like the police, but I guess I was wrong. I wonder what the laws are in California…scary stuff

I went to school in Tennessee and have fond memories of the state, especially the love and generosity of the people there. This heart breaking on many different levels. Absolutely awful.

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