In which Gap goes back to its old logo

A few days ago Gap announced a new logo: Helvetica Gap and a box, something that looked straight out of someone who was just learning Photoshop. This is fine and dandy… if you’re just learning Photoshop. But if you’re a company with a recognizable logo, expect backlash. Especially if you’re Gap. Expect so much backlash for four days straight until Gap announced the return to the old logo.

What drove them over the edge? It’s hard to tell. The gaplogo Twitter account and the Gap logo generator, along with just about everyone on the Internet having an opinion, may have played a role in it.

Let’s see if the new Myspace logo faces the same backlash. Come on. My_____? really? My what? I could fill that blank in with so many things, few of them nice or polite. That’s just the beginning of the Photoshopping shenanigans.

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