The Moon has water

Guess what? The Moon has water on it. Not just a little bit of water leftover from years ago, but possibly enough to make a desert look even drier by comparison. That’s impressive.

What does this mean for future space adventures? Humans need to go back to the Moon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen in the somewhat near future. This is why scientists need to be more involved in politics.

Whatever the case, we’re in the future now.

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Actually, water on the moon means that a space station is feasible. Water weighs too much for us to lug water up there, and we as a species have a high water need. So having available water removes one of the big barriers to a permanent facility.

KatFrog (from NaNoWriMo)

@sushi Yes, a space station on the moon. The crater that houses a vast amount of water is the perfect place to set it up – within easy reach of the water and somewhat protected from passing meteors by facing the earth. If we try, we could set one up in the next 10 years.

Wouldn’t that make an interesting setting for Nano… ;-D

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