Do you have an evil twin?

I have suspected over the past month or so that I have a clone or an evil twin. Why, you ask? One of my neighbors saw me get in a car and go out on a day that I didn’t go anywhere. Thanks to the nature of my family and neighborhood, everyone else heard about this before I did.

If this clone does exist, one question remains, and it’s one that will be very important in my NaNoWriMo novel: How do I know I’m the good twin? For all I know I could be the evil twin. This flow chart says I’m the good twin, which is a sigh of relief for me. At least I’m the good one.

What about my character, though? Or more specifically, what about her evil twin? I need to make sure she’s evil, and I don’t even have the obvious goatee to go by. My gut instinct for using this chart gave me that my character’s evil twin is good and evil. The evil is taking over the good inside the character’s evil twin, which sounds about right for how the evil twin came to be.

That was a surprisingly good planning technique.

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Hrmm…according to that awesome flowchart I am in fact an evil twin. No wonder I keep trying to grow out my goatee. 😮

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