Pre-NaNoWriMo to-do list

To do before NaNoWriMo starts:

1. Figure out a real conflict for my novel
2. Gather noveling fuel
3. Clean my writing space
4. Clean my Google Reader. I can unsubscribe to some of those blogs for November, right? I wish there were a way to mute a subscription since seeing an unread item drives me batty. In fact, it’s all I can do not to tackle the 67 unread items in my job search RSS feed right now; I’ll be up for awhile if I do that. Those can wait.
5. Attend the regional kickoff party on Saturday
6. NaNoMail my newbies to see how they’re doing
7. Make writing schedule for each day
8. Make everything current on Wikiwrimo
9. Install Linux on Yoshi
10. Start writing at midnight the first

Whew. That’s a lot.

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woop! nanowrimo! it’s coming up very very fast, which could be a problem…
I’m gonna look into linux, it’s writing software right? I’m not sure if I like microsoft word and am looking for an alernative.
good luck with your novel.

@theshittywaitress Linux is actually an operating system, like Windows or Mac. It comes in lots more flavors than Windows or Mac and in my opinion is much better. I’ve been using Debian Linux on my desktop but have yet to install it on my laptop because of games like The Longest Journey and Bejeweled (yes, I got sucked in just before NaNo). If you do want to use something besides Word, there are lots of options out there; it depends on what you want in writing software. The NaNo Technology forum is a good place to start to see what others are using.

I think it’s awesome you’ve named your comp Yoshi.

I can’t bring myself to name my laptop…the fail is strong with this one when it comes to naming any of my inanimate objects.

@JMattHicks There’s nothing wrong with Lenny or Bill. That’s actually the name of the current Debian version. My other computer’s name is Dora. Much more normal (for certain values of normal) than Yoshi.

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