The green bar

Around 9pm today I wrote my 50,000th word at a write-in. At first I was getting concerned that I wouldn’t hit 50k at the write-in because of socializing and slow write-in, but then someone challenged me to a 20-minute word war. I wrote 1400 words in those 20 minutes. If that’s not a personal best for me, it’s pretty close.

50000 words. Six days. This is my best NaNoWriMo finish so far, and it may remain that way for the rest of my NaNos. There’s only so much farther I can go.

To 150,000!

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I must say, I strongly dislike you right now. Actually, I love you very much, but really? You are making me feel ashamed. And I need to grow up faster so that I can be a hobo living in the back room of an Internet cafe so that I can just write without distractions such as school or, you know, life.

Liam – 10,018

@thatwriterkid Hahaha, I know that feeling. I thought the same thing while putting school aside to do NaNo, then hitting 50k early and going back to doing school things. Big mistake, by the way. Don’t do that. Keep up with your schoolwork because there’s nothing like a brickload of schoolwork hitting you while you’re celebrating your victory.

@JonHearty Thank you! I’m actually on pace to write 200,000 words, which may or may not happen. I’d probably need a third idea, and I don’t even have a second idea yet. We’ll see.

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