Welcome to week two

Week One of NaNoWriMo is over, and Week Two has arrived. People like to tell tales of Week Two. It’s the week where characters rebel and you have to start making them do things. The novelty of writing a novel is over, and sitting at your writing space to write starts to be a drag. And besides, wouldn’t you rather be doing all those non-noveling things right now?

Trust me. I know. This is my ninth year doing NaNo, and I experience it every year. The only problem with overachieving is that I experience the Week Two blues around Day Two. After my 20k first day, I sat down to write on the second day and couldn’t get my narrators straight. Trying to figure out which narrator was going to tell which part of the story was painful to write because my brain didn’t want to work those plot lines through.

But I kept pushing and got over that hump, and now I’m attempting to finish my story. The only problem is figuring out a neat way to tie up all the storylines that I’ve managed to create, which is compounded by the fact that I have no fewer than seven narrators with significant roles in my story so far. And yes, I have pantsed my way through the entire novel.

This is going to be an interesting story ending. And then I get to figure out what to write next. Ideas, anyone?

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My characters started rebelling a looong time ago. Seriously. They weren’t supposed to figure out they liked each other until like the middle of the book. Well,then. Touche, characters; touche.

@thatwriterkid Characters love doing that. They’ll do anything they want, and not even the author can stop them. Mine are just not wanting to do anything, so at least yours are doing things!

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