On writing God

I am having so much fun writing this novel. For those who missed the last post, it’s about an human who is helping to improve God’s public image. The god in this story is snarky, fun, and not amused at how humans are interpreting her works. She’s also getting all the best lines in the story, which appears to be a trend in my books. My supporting characters are more interesting than the main character. This needs to change.

This weekend’s goal: reach 100,000 words. Fact: I’m technically still on track, though barely, for 225,000 words. Upping my goal is tempting, and it doesn’t help that certain people are tempting me into doing it. Very tempting. We’ll see what happens when Week Three arrives.

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What sort of things do you intend to say about religion while “writing God”? What will you add to our understanding of the nature of faith? Or if you intend it to be satirical, what aspects of religion do you consider the targets of your humor?

@Istvan It is not strictly satirical, but I’m exploring what would happen if God decided to take a mroe active role in religion. What if she saw what humans believed about her and her religion and decided to correct them? I’m making this whole story as I go along, so there’s no set agenda for me to stick to.

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