Two silly announcements

Two things became public today:

1. Prince William got engaged, ruining the dreams of girls and women all over the world.

2. Apple’s life-changing announcement got mocked by Twitter users all over the world when they announced the presence of the Beatles on iTunes. I’m not biting until they revive John Lennon.

Both of these announcements are completely forgettable. If I weren’t writing them down now, I would forget about them next week. If they’re such silly things, then why is everyone else making such a big deal over it? Especially the Apple announcement. Really, Apple? You could make a big deal out of an announcement for an iBrick, and people would eat it up.

11 replies on “Two silly announcements”

@sushi I know I’ll probably tick a lot of people off by saying this, but I just don’t get the die-hard nature of many Beetles fans. There’s no doubt that they made great music and were (and still are) very influential, but I just don’t get all of the hype.

@jmatthicks I don’t get the hype either, but I don’t get the hype for most things. The Beatles are great. I like them. But everything has its die-hard fans, I suppose.

Crap! So I guess I have to set my sights on his younger, red-haired brother? Well, at least he’s military. That’s a start!

Sushi! I tried eating some of you, all sneakylike on Tuesday, and I ended up getting sick when you dropkicked my stomach and tried to eat my soul. I’ve since learned my lesson. D:


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