Book Two: Complete

The first half of this book was fun to write. It was pointed, snarky, and took jabs at everything and anything. My characters came to life, the plot had one direction to go in, and everything seemed peachy.

Then everything changed. This seemed boring to me. My characters developed other interests. My characters started growing romantically interested in each other. God started hanging out with a couple of homeless guys. My main character started hanging out with a guy from work and his friends. The mission to change God’s reputation was mostly forgotten, even though God was still a major character.

This made me very frustrated with my story very quickly. It was suddenly turning into a mishmash of plots that made no sense together, so what were they doing in the first place? I really should have done something about those plots sooner, but no, I carried on with those subplots and wrote what sounded interesting, which was apparently everything except God’s attempts to change her reputation. Then I tied everything in a big bow at the end and called it a story at 50,036 words.

The last words: “Carrie never saw her again.” That’s not as sad as it sounds since God is the her being referred to. In fact, this line probably shouldn’t be the last one. But I’m tired of writing this book and this feels like a good stopping point, so I’m letting this book die in the land of first drafts with the lesson: Love what you’re writing.

I’ll be starting the third book tomorrow, and I have no idea what the third book will be. Maybe it’ll be a book based entirely on dares. Maybe it’ll be something based on a dream I have tonight. I have almost half the month to write it, so I need a nice long idea. May my dreams be fruitful tonight.

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