The 50k weekend challenge and a new goal

It all started in #nanolanta, the chat room for the Atlanta NaNoWriMo region and my region for the five years before this one. One of the Atlanta MLs (Municipal Liaison, a region leader) and the Quebec::Elsewhere ML were talking about using the weekend to do major catching up. This turned into writing 50,000 words over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Both of them agreed to the challenge. I pondered it for a minute, remembering how physically exhausting it was when I did it during the Three Day Novel weekend. But I can never say no to a good challenge, so I was the third person in. So far about ten crazies are in. Since we don’t start until Friday, there’s plenty of time for more people to join up.

Since I am doing the 50k weekend, this brings up the idea of the goal for my month. Yes, again. A 12k day today put me at only 3,174 words behind for 250,000 words. The 50k weekend would put me on track for 250k and might even put me ahead depending on how the next few days go. So that’s the new goal for the month: 250,000.

And before you ask, No. No no no no no. I will not go for 300,000 words. That’s 15,000 words a day every day for the rest of the month. I can write quickly, but that’s asking for a lot from me.

To the 50k weekend!

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