Actually, I’m not sure how it started. It was a silly conversation in the Atlanta regional chat room, birth of all things crazy. We started discussing yesterday how mattkinsi, one of the Municipal Liaisons, needed Mattkinsi facts, similar to Chuck Norris facts. I proposed this idea, and everyone else took off with it, leading to this regional forum thread.

Today we started discussing how he was delicious and moist. Or rather, a chat line by yours truly that got in a little too late for the previous bit of conversation got Mattkinsi voted moist and delicious.

Of course, every hypothesis has to be tested. How do we know he’s moist and delicious? We have to lick him to find out. And that’s where the craziness began. From a Wikiwrimo article to a Twitter hashtag of #lickmattkinsi, the moistness and deliciousness of Mattkinsi has spread throughout the NaNoWriMo community and the Internet at large.

Are you in? Licking Mattkinsi has been shown to increase word counts and make you a better person. You should definitely be in. Go lick Mattkinsi today.

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