#50kweekend: Day One

So how was the first third of 50k weekend? In a word: awesome.

I started with 210,302 words. I stopped writing at 11:45pm with 238,069 words. For those playing along at home, that’s 27,767 words. For those who don’t care about the numbers, that’s a lot. Given that my previous record was just over 20,000 and I mean that by not even 100 words, I just shattered my single day writing record and stomped the pieces into the floor.

Observations of the day:

*Pain level: Rare and only when I’ve been sitting for too long. I expect this to go up tomorrow, just as it did during the three-day novel contest.

*Plot: I swear, this book is never going to end. Just in case it does, I have a fourth idea ready thanks to the crazies in the #nanolanta chat room.

*Competition: I had the best first day of the #50kweekend crazies I’ve been talking with today. I plan to cut back on the words a little tomorrow, perhaps to 20k. I’m also approaching the top of page three on the NaNo word count list, though. I probably won’t hit page two before the end of the month, but it’d be nifty if I did.

*Fun: It’s still a lot of fun so far. Writing may be a little less fun tomorrow, but that’s the nature of the beast. Word wars and talking to my fellow crazies will keep it more fun.

*I pulled off 10k in four hours (okay, three hours and 45 minutes) after hitting 15,000 words and taking a break for food and a shower. This was the big accomplishment of the day. 10k in four hours is a push for me, but it’s a doable push. It requires me to concentrate on writing for almost that entire period (unless, of course, I’m doing word wars, in which case I get a little more distraction time but still have to be dedicated to setting up those wars).

*This is ridiculous amounts of fun. It should be a NaNo tradition.

2 replies on “#50kweekend: Day One”

Do you really think you can write 20k words today and not want to finish the 50k for the weekend before you go to sleep? Just saying. Doesn’t seem reasonable.

Also, things like this make me hate the fact that I work on weekends. I’m trying to get another 10k this weeked, and my current weekend word count is 0. I am not thankful for that, but I did manage to get in some good time with my family this weekend. Anyway, looking forward to more updates this weekend.

@ForbiddenVoid I found myself thinking the same thing when looking at the total. Maybe a 23k day is in order, and then I can take it easy (well, easier) for the last day. Besides, I have to take into account travel time for tonight’s writein.

Maybe you can do a #50kweekend sometime during the week. You know, #50ksometimeduringtheweek. Except that doesn’t make quite as nifty a hashtag. Now go write!

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