#50kweekend: The End

#50kweekend has been over for almost an hour in my time zone. Granted, I finished the 50,000 words for the challenge last night, but I still wrote a significant bit today for a day three total of 16910 and a #50kweekend total of 66915. This is still over what one should be aiming for in order to succeed at #50kweekend, so I’m happy. It also makes reaching 300,000 words much easier since the goal for the next two days is now just over 12,000 words each day. After this weekend, that sounds like cake. I swear, this weekend is ruining my perception of the word “easy” in the same way NaNo and the Three Day Novel have ruined my perception of the word “deadline”.

Some observations about the weekend:

*Pain: I didn’t experience any pain from the writing besides the nagging pain from sitting for too long. Luckily that could be resolved by getting up, moving around, and trying to improve my crappy posture. In fact, the worst pain I experienced came from something that had nothing to do with #50kweekend: I unloaded over 200 books for the book drive myself. I am a small person with little upper body strength.

*Plot: It’s slowing down, and this is a good thing. I have less than 25k to go before hitting 300,000, and I’ll definitely hit that on Tuesday unless something goes terribly wrong. I have three distinct storylines that have appeared. Two of them can definitely hold out for that long, while one of them is starting to wrap up thanks to a new development unless I come up with something else. If it does end quickly, then I’ll be conflicted. Do I started a fourth story that I know I won’t finish, especially since this fourth story is definitely just for kicks? Or do I go back and write more scenes in the novels?

*Post-noveling life. Yes, it’s something to be considered. Especially laundry, as I’m almost out of clean clothes. I should have enough to last through December first, though.

*The #50kweekend hashtag. This is the second hashtag I started that people have picked up on, the first being #lickmattkinsi. I didn’t start #wrimosagainsttheeatingofsushi, but I have spread it.

*And finally, a little paragraph on my female lead.
“No, goals were supposed to be exciting. Goals were supposed to make you wake up excited for the day. Sure, being a librarian would make Lily happy for existing, but she needed something that would light a metaphorical fire under her ass. She needed something that gave her a reason for existing, and right now she had none.”

This is exactly how I feel about goal-setting and why I do the things the way I do, minus not having a reason to exist.

Conclusion? #50kweekend needs to happen every year. Make it so.

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