The last day has arrived

As I’m writing this, NaNoWriMo ends in less than twenty-four hours. A full post on the month will come tomorrow, but I should note here that at 290,449 words, I am finally on track for 300,000 words.

This leaves me with less than 10,000 words to write tomorrow. After the last few days, this is easy as pie. A piece of cake.

Let’s do it.

For those who are behind: keep writing. You might win, and if you don’t, you’ve still written a lot more than you would have this month. I wrote almost nine thousand words on the last day my first year and over thirty thousand in the last week. Trust me when I say that anything is possible.

On a non-NaNo note, there’s an interview with me at the Hunch blog! Yes, that’s my real name. I talk about NaNo, being sciency and creative, and using Hunch. That picture’s about two years old, but the only major difference is that my hair’s significantly longer now.

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