Employers should put their best foot forward, too

One of my recent hobbies is making fun of job descriptions and wondering what went through the employers’ minds when they wrote them. The poor grammar makes me doubt the honesty in the “excellent writing and communicatino [sic] skills” requested in the job description. The job that called for an operatiions [sic] assistant (yes, I really did see this in the job title today) made me wonder what was going through the employer’s mind when they posted the listing.

If advice all over the job searching community is about putting your best foot forward, then don’t employers deserve to do the same? At the very least, they should show that they care about the things presented in the job description as much as they’d like the candidate to. That job description could be the first impression that a candidate has of a company. If the candidate cares about correct grammar and spelling, that candidate might eliminate the company from consideration after seeing an obvious error in the job description. Employers, please proofread before releasing jobs to the Web. Your candidates will thank you.

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