My Linuxversary

I didn’t notice it until halfway through the day when fiddling with my OpenSUSE install on my laptop, but the day I just lived was my first Linuxversary. I’ve been using Linux as my primary operating system for an entire year, and it has been a great learning experience. I’ve stretched my computing horizons in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Besides that, Linux simply makes more sense to me than Windows does. There are things that I’ve done in Linux and then wondered why on earth such a feature doesn’t exist in an intuitive way in Windows. Take, for example, the way Rhythmbox syncs your music folder automatically. You don’t have to add your music to your library; just add it to your music folder and it’s there. Easy. Not to mention that the iPod managers for Linux are actual iPod managers.

Then there are the package managers for the distros that I’ve used. For Windows it’s up to you to find a good music player or word processor beyond the default that comes with the system. With Linux some come installed, but if you don’t like them, you can find a better one. I’ve found myself wondering how I lived with Windows for all these years. And of course, Linux also has more games that come prepackaged with the system.

As for Windows? I’m still dual booting, though that’s more of a technicality at this point. At first it was to go back just in case I didn’t like Linux, but now I don’t have much of a reason beyond Bejeweled and The Longest Journey. Linux has weaned me off Bejeweled, so it’s good for something, at least.

Here’s to many more years of Linux!

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