The peril of too many projects

I have reached a point where I have too many things to do at once. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy being busy. In fact, I get antsy when I don’t have enough things to do. But now that I theoretically have a good bit of spare time on my hands, I find myself looking for all sorts of things to do in order to fill it. I can finally read all the books I’ve been putting off reading. I can finally write more in my paper journal. I can make more improvements to Wikiwrimo. I can clean my room. I can teach myself any number of subjects that I’ve been meaning to learn. I can rewrite one of my novels, something I am going to do in 2011.

I can do anything, but all the things I want to do take time. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, and once you account for my sleeping for almost ten of them (a lot, I know; my body needs a lot of sleep, but I’m trying to change that), that leaves me with just over fourteen hours to cram everything I want to do. That includes bathing, eating, and other necessary things. That sounds like a lot of time, but little things sneak in to take it away, and next thing I know, I haven’t gotten around to doing half the things I wanted to do. The day is judged as semi-progressive, but not as progressive as I’d like.

But given all the things I want to do, maybe cramming everything into one day isn’t ideal. Perhaps using a week as the primary unit of progress would be better in order to give me more flexibility and see what projects take priority. Maybe that’ll help me settle into a comfortably busy state of projects before settling into life, and then I’ll know where to go from there.

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