Jannowrimo/Pumpkin novel rewrite progress

So you’re probably wondering how Jannowrimo and my pumpkin novel rewrite are going. I set a goal of 35,000 words for the month because Jannowrimo requires a word count goal and because this should be half the story or just under it if my first draft is any indicator. (Yes, my second draft was significantly shorter, but I cut out a lot from my first draft. This time I have a different timeline that has fewer constraints than the first two drafts did.)

According to where I should be for Janno, I’m behind. I can definitely catch up since I’m less than a thousand words behind, but sickness has caught up to me during the first days of this year. It’s just the stuff that has been going around lately, but I’ve still been sore-throated and stuffy-nosed over the past few days. Procrastinating certainly felt preferable to rewriting the novel, especially starting to rewrite the novel when I still couldn’t figure out the timeline.

Speaking of the timeline, I figured out a new one around 300 words into the story. The original version had little motivation for the events to follow, so I trashed it and started the story anew. I’m just over 1500 words in, and I’m just getting into the first scene. At least I’m writing every day so far and I still have two months to write this draft before NaNoEdMo and editing my alternate worlds book, right? That’s a good start to me.

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