The Pokédistraction

I knew writing distractions would come early, but I didn’t know they would come this early.

See, I like Pokemon. However, I stopped keeping track of what was going on after the second generation of games. I remember playing one of Fire Red or Leaf Green and another of the games with the new graphics (Sapphire, maybe?). But I haven’t played any of the fourth generation games yet, so today my brother let me borrow Pokemon Diamond.

This might have been a mistake for my productivity. I’m lucky I did reading and journaling earlier in the afternoon, for I spent the entire evening with the exception of a fifteen-minute word war playing Pokemon. Oops. Tomorrow I know to budget for this distraction. How about this, self: Write first, then play Pokemon. Wasn’t that what I was going to do today? Oh yeah. I was going to spend the entire evening writing, and then Pokemon re-entered my life. At least I wrote something, right?

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