Kids explore past technologies

Just when I was starting to feel old at my birthday, I caught a bunch of kids exploring old technologies. By old, I mean not the high technology we’re used to today. Floppy discs, cassette tapes, rotary telephones, record players, and the like found their way into these kids’ hands as they tried to figure out what on earth those contraptions could be. I recognized all of those technologies, making me lament over my age even more, and even laughed when the kids played with the record player.

I’ve tried introducing old technologies to the younger kids in my family with similar results. If technology has changed that much in the last few decades, imagine how much it’ll change over the rest of my life. We better be able to think about something and have it show up, not to mention moon colonies. It’ll be a shame if we don’t have a moon colony with people flying around on jetpacks. We’re not too far away from having jetpacks, though. There is hope yet.

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