It snows in Georgia; everyone freaks out

Yesterday six inches of show fell where I live and throughout most of the Southeast. Predictably everyone freaked out, clearing the shelves of stores and shutting down early. News stations filled with announcements of closings; my brother is rejoicing in not having classes for the third day in a row. Going back to school is going to be rough for him.

Meanwhile, I made snow cream. I made sure to avoid the yellow snow and get only the freshest snow. (Thanks, Wikipedia.) I thought everyone had heard of snow cream, but when I mentioned it on Twitter and to other people I was talking to, only about half the respondents had heard of it. This struck me as interesting since I’ve always lived in the south and have had snow cream before. Is snow cream really that obscure?

I made another batch today, but the snow has already turned to ice and therefore wasn’t as good as yesterday’s batch. Maybe I’ll figure out a suitable topping for snow cones tomorrow and figure out a way to cover the entire visible area outside my window with snow. This will guarantee my happiness.

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Everyone freaks here on less than three inches of snow, as we barely get more than a light dusting most years that doesn’t even stick most of the time. And… snow cream? Yeah, never heard of it before, but it looks like something I’d try. 🙂

@kamanislands It’s best on the first day of snow; after that the snow starts to turn icy, and when you mash it up the snow/ice turns watery. Ick.
And yes, I’ve seen everyone freak out. It’s crazy; you’d think people have seen snow before. My brother did get his entire week out of school! (He has no classes on Friday anyway, so it may as well be a week vacation.)

I had never heard of snow cream either Sushi! Wish I’d known about it when my kids were small! I’ll have to save it for my grandchildren’s delight! Thanks for sharing.

By the way, here we’re used to snow. I can see it is at least a foot and a half high on a table out in the back yard! And a snow warning for today/tonight. I’ve got snowshoes, I’m fine!

@Lori I’m amazed at how many people have never heard of snow cream. I thought it’d be more common, especially in areas with more snow. The best way is to leave a bucket out and collect snow that way, but if you have plenty of snow, then you can also get some of the top layers. Definitely share it with your grandkids (or with your kids if they’re around during snowfall and if they’re kids at heart like I am).

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