Mixed Idioms

On Monday I was looking for an idiom that referred to discussing a topic that was still technically open to discussion but not encouraged by the other person or persons. I was looking for “the elephant in the room”, which didn’t pop in my head at the time. Today I combined this with the idiom “beating a dead horse” to create “beating the elephant in the room” to refer to forcing the potentially awkward topic at hand. One of the hashtags attached to the tweet in which I mentioned this mixed idiom mentioned drinking like a fish under the table, the combination of two idioms referring to excessive drinking.

This could be fun. I think I’m going to start mixing idioms and their meanings for humorous effect and see if anyone notices. Anyone with me?

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Hi Sushi,
I inadvertently mix metaphors all the time in speech! I have to catch myself at it. It’s hilarious. But I usually edit them out of my writing. Next time I catch a funny one, I’ll let you know.

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