Reading the Dictionary: Day One

To be really fair, I started yesterday with the new words section and the first page. I had to get all the definitions for the letter A out of the way just because they were so tedious.

The new words section piqued my interest. Many of the words were entering our vocabularies for the first time in 2003 and the years before that. I’m not just talking about tech terms. Words like digital, the “e-” prefix, ebook, doula, clicker, arm candy, DVD, eating disorder, and “cyber-” are now part of everyday vocabulary, and those are just from the page I’m open to.

As for the regular words, I’m five and a half pages in so far. So far today I learned that my iPod’s name, Abelia, is also the name of a genus of honeysuckle plants. Does that make Abelia a commutative honeysuckle plant? Five pages isn’t as far as I would like, but I’m probably not going to bed yet and tomorrow’s Saturday. I can catch up then.

There will probably be a blog, likely hosted somewhere besides here, to chronicle the new words I’m learning, along with #DictionaryBookClub shenanigans. I’ll mention it here and on Twitter when it goes up.

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