I’ve been playing WordSquared today. Imagine a Scrabble game that stretches beyond any reasonable limit and that anyone can play. That’s WordSquared. I started playing it this evening and got to 150 points. Then the awesome happened. I had a Q, Z, U, and a blank tile. And I knew exactly what to do with it. There was one problem: my current bit of space was terrible, and someone was invading my land. There was a beautiful U that I couldn’t use because that other player was using it. So I began to investigate other places. And other places. And still other places. Finally I found the perfect place to play QUIZ. That was how I learned that you could only play off letters you had laid on the board.

Crap. I had stranded myself. And now I have no easy way to get back to my little area. Clicking the little house in the left hand corner doesn’t take you back home, even though that seems like the obvious thing for such a thing to do. All I remember is that the little piece I was building from looked a bit like North America. Helpful, yes? Especially when the wider map is HUGE. So by helpful I mean not very. If anyone has any tips, I’d appreciate them. I still have the Q, U, Z, and blank tile ready to be used.

Overall, this is a great way to waste a day. Heck, looking around the board and seeing how great the other players are is a great way to waste a few minutes. Just make to stay near your letters once you get started.

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yeah i signed up and looking around the map i lost all of humanity cant find any words to play off of and it sucks. i havent even played a single word. i really want to though.

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