Novel, you are going down.

There are two days left in January: Sunday and Monday. I have around 20,000 words until the rough halfway point of my novel. For those keeping track, no, I still haven’t worked on it for about two weeks.


But that’s okay since tomorrow’s Sunday, and it’s still January. Anything can still happen. And that’s why tomorrow is the day of writing. I’m going to sit down and write as much as humanly possible for me tomorrow. From past experience I know “as much as humanly possible” is 27,000 words, but I’ll settle for significantly less as long as I reach the halfway point of the novel by the end of the day Monday.

This will take a lot of determination and willpower, most of all the willpower not to get distracted by the Internet. I can do it, though. I’ve done much crazier things before. #50kweekend, I’m channeling your spirit tomorrow.

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You can do this! I have faith in you 😀
(And I can try the same, although I work most of Sunday. Monday should be all about writing though!)

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