Teeny Tiny Tony and Teeny Tiny

I wrote this story when I was a child of an unknown (to me now) age. I don’t know whether the story was for school or for fun, but it’s a story about Teeny Tiny Tony and Teeny Tiny, which really needs no introduction at all.

Teeny Tiny Tony and Teeny Tiny

Once upon a time there was a teeny tiny boy named Teeny Tiny Tony. He lived in a teeny tiny house with teeny tiny parents. He also had a teeny tiny dog named Teeny Tiny. Teeny Tiny was very playful.

One day Teeny Tiny Tony went outside with Teeny Tiny. They played fetch with a teeny tiny frisbee. Teeny Tiny was very good at playing fetch. He was the best player in the neighborhood.

Teeny Tiny Tony threw the teeny tiny frisbee very hard. He threw it so hard that the teeny tiny frisbee landed at Teeny Tiny Elementary School. He decided to get it the next day.

The next day was Saturday. Teeny Tiny was following Teeny Tiny Tony to the teeny tiny school. A very hard wind was blowing everything away. The teeny tiny wind blew Teeny Tiny Village away. That is the end of Teeny Tiny Village.


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Haha, that wa a funny ending. ‘That is the end of Teeny Tiny Village.’

No idea what I may have writen at that age and shudder to think about it 😉

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