10k day: Success

The first 10k day was a success, with my cumulative total as of now at 25,128 words. I need only 10,000 words to reach my monthly goal, which should put me at roughly halfway through the story. The remaining 10k will happen tomorrow, but I’m continuing to write as much as I can tonight before going to bed so the remaining words will be fewer tomorrow. Right now that appears to very little over the 10k I wrote today. Ah well. I wrote what I did today, and that’s a good thing. Tonight I muse over ideas for the next 10k in the hopes that tomorrow wil be easier. Tomorrow I’ll go in for the kill.

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Hi Sushi,
It must be nice to set a goal like that and achieve it! The only day I have all day to write is Saturday – and I love it. I’m impressed, as always, with your dedication.

@Lori Hi Lori! Declaring the goal to the world puts the pressure on more because I know people are looking to me to achieve it (and because a lot of them already know how quickly I can write). I usually get to write every day, but whether I actually do is another story based on my expertise in procrastination. 😉

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