Janno: Victory

After two days in a row of writing 10,000 words, I reached my goal of 35,000 words around eleven tonight. It was the second time I thought I had reached 35,000; my word counter read 35k nearly an hour before that, so I checked with Jannowrimo’s word counter. This is something I should have been doing all along and didn’t think to do until hitting 35,000 words. Oops. Luckily it was early enough that I could write enough to reach the Janno word counter’s version of 35,000 words, so I did exactly that.

I now know how every person who has finished a timed writing challenge at the last minute feels. Even when I finished NaNo on the 30th my first year and when I finished Script Frenzy on the last day every year, I still finished with hours to spare and knew that I probably wouldn’t be writing in the last few minutes. For Janno, that looked possible, not because of my typing speed but because of my inability to create something in time. There’s a certain freedom lost when the first draft is done. I’m not worried about the prose yet, though I’ll stop and make it suck less when I’m thinking about it. The storyline is what I’m concentrating on right now, and making the story and conflict make sense at the basic level is what has taken up most of my time this month. That’s also why I quit for two weeks; I couldn’t think of anything to write until getting jump-started again by a friend.

The interesting part is that I celebrated exactly what I had done on average for all of November, yet this felt much harder. Maybe it’s because I was writing the third draft of this story and not even the entire thing, but the feeling wasn’t as free as the first draft feeling. Time will tell if this is unique to the story or not.

But now we party, and by party I mean sleep.

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Awesome job! At the end of Nano i nearly had to write almost that much to hit my goal, but not quite. I can’t believe you wrote so much in just two days!

@BookOwl Thank you! Everyone who has ever finished NaNo at the last minute now has even more respect from me than before now that I’ve finished so close to the end.
(And honestly, I can’t believe it either, given that writing a third draft is much different than writing the first draft. You have less room to suck!)

@Sushi Ha ha just making sure, had to check in on you 😉 No but really I just wasn’t sure if you had multiple projects going or not. With so many words being written I wasn’t sure if you’re sole focus was the novel or if you were also creating other projects as well. Either way, well done, keep it up, and I can’t wait to see the final product.

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