An ad-free Times Square

I’ve been in Times Square exactly once in my life, and the thing that stood out to me was the advertising all over the buildings. You didn’t even have to walk on Times Square to see the ads. I thought I was in Times Square from at least a block away just because of all the ads hanging from the buildings. The ads screamed “Welcome to Times Square!” to me.

But what does the Times Square of today look like without ads? Besides inventing Adblock for glasses, we have to use our imaginations. Or we can just Photoshop the ads out. There’s a website devoted to doing just that at No Ad New York, a collaborative project devoted to removing the ads from Times Square. It’s still in its early stages and editing is powered by online photo editor Aviary, so there’s plenty of room to get involved if it tickles your fancy. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk around an ad-free city?

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