February, month of misery

February’s normally a crappy month for me. Maybe it’s because February’s in the dead of winter and by then I’m sick and tired of winter and the cold, especially because there’s almost no snow where I live. Or maybe it’s because February contains Valentine’s Day (or Valoween as I like to call it), and I’ve never been a fan of that day. Or maybe it’s because two relationships have ended within a week of Valoween, both parties knowing of my disdain for the day. Whatever the reason, February sucks for me. Thankfully I’ve gotten through a fourth of it as of now with no major disasters.

Am I the only person who experiences such terrible Februaries? Or am I alone in my February misery? Any tips for making spring arrive more quickly?

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Sorry you have such a bad relationship with February Sushi! I can’t concur with you. February is my birthday month, and I’m OK with Valentines Day. I suppose you could console yourself with the fact that your month of misery is the shortest one in the year.

I have no hope for an arrival of spring, however. I’m looking out my window at mountains, yes LITERALLY mountains of snow in the back yard. My husband has been shoveling our roofs for two days now – waist-high snow up there. He pushes it off and then has to come down and snow-blow it away, thus the mountains. Somewhere beneath it is our patio with bench, long buried, and bleeding hearts and lot of other perennials which will pop out of the ground when spring finally does arrive …. ~ sigh ~…. but I’m still OK with February.
Sorry Sushi!

@Lori Happy birthday month to you! I do console myself with the fact that February is short. Maybe it’s because the holidays and my January birthday have already passed, but February has a way of working disasters into my life. Nothing terrible has happened yet, so I’m hoping it stays that way. I’ll take your snow; that’ll make up for February’s misery!

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