Debian Squeeze has arrived

Squeeze, the newest version of Debian, landed over the weekend. I didn’t update right away because I was too busy reading “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” (which I am caught up on, by the way) and the release notes for upgrading from Lenny to Squeeze. This is when I discovered my problem.

I love overcomplicating things. Updating to Squeeze isn’t that hard, but I read the section of the release notes devoted to upgrading from Lenny to Squeeze several times, taking in all the details that I probably wouldn’t need. You see, I have a way of making things harder than they should be. I could make them simple by taking what matters and going with it, but no, I have to read every single thing that could go wrong and then try to plan for it, even though some of those things (most of them, really) haven’t popped up at all. Some of them have, though, and for that I’m grateful, though I wish I had spent a little less time reading the hard stuff and a little more time sifting through the material and noting how easy the update really is.

Several hours and several hundred packages later, I now have Debian Squeeze on my desktop. Hooray! So far the only main difference is visual thanks to a newer version of GNOME. I’ve used this version on my laptop sporadically, so the real test is adjusting to using it every day. There are a few minor things I need to tweak, but it’s 2am. I can do that tomorrow, right?

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