Pandora’s Valentine’s Day stations

I’ve been listening to the Valentine’s Day stations on Pandora over the past few days, in particular Quickmixing the Alternative Indie Love Songs, 80s Love Songs, and Love Stinks stations. First, I must praise Pandora for having a Love Stinks station in the first place in recognition of those of us who dislike the day. It’s a definite improvement over having to deal with the sappiness that often results from Valoween.

Since I do like Pandora, I decided to give these stations a whirl on Quickmix. The listening experience can throw you for a loop at first if you’re not expecting almost alternating love songs and anti-love songs of various genres. If you really get into your music, you’ll probably experience a roller coaster of emotions while listening. I know I did last night. Tonight I’m a little more detached from the music, so the experience is a little easier on the emotions.

There are genre stations for several genres I haven’t mentioned, like pop, country, and R&B. Give the stations a listen if Pandora’s available where you live.

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