Funny article titles and Scottish foreign language education

The headline of an article is the first thing you notice. It’s supposed to be the tl;dr version of the article, even if the headline really gives you very little information at all about the article. This is why misleading headlines get called out so often. It’s also why humorous headlines stand out so much.

Like this one. “Foreign language assistants blow for Scottish schools”. I shouldn’t have to explain why this one is funny, but no, the article isn’t about what the headline would make someone with a twelve-year-old mind believe. Funny title aside, it’s actually an interesting article on how Scotland’s educational cuts affect their foreign language teaching assistants. Although there weren’t that many to start with, the fact that many of the positions could be cut shows the priorities of the budgetmakers. Kids learn languages best when they’re young, and having a native speaker in the classroom only helps the students to learn. Since languages really are one of the keys to exploring the world, foreign language education isn’t something to be dismissed, especially among the young. I hope the councils make the right decision here.

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