Sunday Linkspam

Every day I find things online that I can’t work into a full post but are neat anyway. Here are some of the most recent ones.

“Love Song Time Travel” is a song by two ukulele-playing roommates about a girl in the future. Listen to this song and try not to get a crush on these guys. I dare you. Even people not into guys must form a musical crush. It is required.

Think your name’s bad? I did when I was a kid. I hated it, partly because no one would get it right. Let’s not start on my middle name, which I made a big deal of not telling anyone even though people would find out at fifth grade graduation anyway. But at least my name’s not Facebook. I wish I were kidding about this kid’s name. It shows what an impact Facebook had on the Egyptian protests, though. Still, if any service had that huge an impact on my life, I wouldn’t name a kid after it. Then again, I don’t particularly want kids in the first place. Sorry, world, you won’t get a kid named NaNoWriMo any time soon.

A Guardian article wonders if the second dot-com bubble has begun. I was just beginning to explore the Web when the first bubble burst, so the only knowledge I have of it is the information I’ve gathered years later. Based on what I’ve observed in the tech community, some of these signs are already happening.

And because we need another funny video, here’s “Tonight I’m Frakking You”, featuring a guy who dreams he’s in a club with every nerdy figure imaginable. Yes, that’s really the guy who plays Raj from The Big Bang Theory in it.

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